Tire jumps, weave poles and more in Agility Fun!      

Can your dog find the antlers while Shed Hunting?


Exercise sessions to provide mental and physical stimulation. Activities include agility exercises, scent games, tricks, shed hunting and more. Fun and positive experiences for your canine friend!

Sessions with Karen Barlow, ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer

Please contact Karen at  Kbar28@epix.net to set up a session or if you have any questions.

$20.00/30 Minute Session     -     Payment's Made out to Karen Barlow by check or cash only

Karen Barlow, ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer

Scent Games will use your dog’s nose to search for hidden gems.


We are happy to support The Speaking Dog Training Co. (SDTC) for all your training needs.

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Our goals at SDTC are centered around designing quality training services that encourage a lifetime of happy and healthy relationships for dogs and their humans!
We provide a wide variety of training services for dogs of all breeds and ages. Whether its Puppy Kindergarten, Manners Classes, or our Enrichment Program,

there is something for everyone at SDTC!

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