Records that merely have expiration date and lack a tag number or the veterinarians signature will not be accepted.  Your vet will be able to provide this correct form for you. They should even be able to email it to us at  Sorry for any inconvenience.

We are so happy that you have decided to entrust us with your pet while you are away!  Please follow the instructions below to complete the reservation process.

STEP 1:  Check with your vet to make sure that your pet is up to date on the vaccinations that we require.  This information can be found under the Dog Boarding page as well as the Cat Boarding page. We also recommend that all PA residents have an updated dog license. If you do not currently have your dog license please visit and sign up for one. It is not required to have a dog license but we are inspected and the dog warden ask to see all PA residents licenses and can hand out fines to those that do not have them. 

STEP 2:  Give our office a call at 610-932-6980 or make an online booking request.

STEP 3:  Download and fill out our run card. Our run card is in a PDF format.

      -If you need assistance in filling out the form please click and download the button labeled "instructions". 

STEP 4: Attach all required paperwork to the run card and bring it in on your reserved date! Make sure to check our office hours on our Contact Us Page.


We have been informed that there is a new county law which states that we must receive an actual rabies certificate.  Below you will see two records that are acceptable.  What makes these forms acceptable are that they have the veterinarian's signature, the rabies tag number, as well as the due date for the next vaccination.  We will also need to see paperwork that proves that Kennel Cough (Bordetella) and Distemper are also up to date.