Boarding Requirements

MUST be current on: Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations.  

PA Residents:  We recommend an updated PA dog license.  While not having one will not prevent you from boarding with us, we are inspected by the PA Dog Warden.  If your dog does not have an updated license, you can be subject to a $500 fine.  None PA residents do not need to provide a license.

It is highly recommended that your dog has a current dog license prior to boarding. In order to obtain a license please visit

Food: All food must be in a SEALED container or ZipLock bag labeled with your pet’s name on it and amount to feed.
Pedigree Brand dog food is provided to guests and included in our boarding fees.

All medications must be properly stored in pill containers with the medication name, dosage, and pet’s name on the container. We will not accept medications in any other capacity. Medication administration is a complimentary service.

Note: To ensure the cleanliness and health of all our boarding animals and pets, ANY dog found with fleas will be treated and given a CAPSTAR pill to kill all fleas present. This will be done at the owner's expense. Please treat your pets with parasite preventatives prior to boarding.

What sets Vixen Hall Kennels apart from the rest is our commitment to making sure each dog has a fun and relaxing stay filled with lots of love and play time

without tons of fees added to your bill!

We don't charge our clients additional fees for extra "snuggle time" and we don't put time limits on the daily walks we provide. If your dog wants to sniff the grass for a few extra minutes, that's fine with us! Also, complimentary bones and biscuits are given to all of our guest on a daily basis as an extra treat!

For those guests that require a bit more TLC, we're here to make sure they get all the love and personal time they need to feel right at home. We pride ourselves on giving all of our guests ample love and attention every day!


Our main building consists of 19 clean, spacious quarters for our canine guests that are 24’x 4’ indoor/outdoor spaces. We are fully heated and air conditioned for optimal comfort and climate control. Clean and comfy bedding is provided daily to our guests though we encourage owner’s to bring an item that “smells like home”, especially for first timers.

Soothing sounds are played throughout the facility daily to ensure a stress free and relaxing atmosphere after a long day of activity and play.

Complimentary Services

(unlike some kennels, you won't see an extra charge for these services)

* Extra Snuggle Time

* Treats (we provide all natural PB filled kongs, dog biscuits, soup bones, and various other snacks at no extra cost)

* Extra time out after hours (must request)

* Updates through email to let you know how your pet is doing

* Bath (after 4 nights of boarding )

Doggie Day Camp is available to all canine guests who board with us. This option was created for dogs that become bored or enjoy getting outside as much as possible. Campers can enjoy long walks through our wooded nature trails, healthy sessions of “Fetch” and “Frisbee”, or perhaps a swim in our natural pond. This extra time is set aside for your dog so we tailor camp to the enjoyment of your pet and what he/she takes pleasure in doing.

The Living Room

The Living Room is designed for small dogs under 25lbs. This room is located in our main facility and features all the comforts of home; tiled flooring with plenty of dog beds and a sun porch make this the perfect spot for your pup to relax and have fun all day long. Dogs boarding in this area must enjoy the company of other dogs since this is a communal boarding area for as many as 5 dogs at a time. Reserve soon since space is limited. If your dog is on a special diet, we suggest NOT reserving the Living Room Package for your pet due to other food brands and treats possibly being available in this communal area.

Summer Cottage

The Summer Cottage is our seasonal facility open during summer and holiday periods. These 11 spaces are 4’ x 10’, fully heated and air conditioned with an attached play yard for dogs to convene. The summer cottage is right next to the main kennel and is frequented by our staff throughout the day.

Boarding Rates


includes 2 walks/day & a play session (camp) in the middle of the day.


* Please be advised that there may be an extra charge for taking care
of special needs animals.  Rates vary.

* There is also a two night minimum to board with us on weekends (Friday-Sunday)


2 Dogs - $80/night 

3 Dogs - $110/night 


includes 2 walks/day & a play session (camp) in the middle of the day.


*Only for dogs 0-25lbs. Must get along with other dogs.


All dogs: $25.00/day